Commit History

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  sungo d91193f44a dnet makefile to remind myself how to build a multiarch manifest 2 months ago
  sungo f394cd3246 working dockerfile for sbshttp 2 months ago
  sungo b7c5ffc2e2 bits for on amd64 and arm. swap in your own config unless you want me to get all your credit 2 months ago
  sungo 8b9d0b7358 madonctl 10 months ago
  sungo d2e9e160d3 add a dockerfile for the UI in mutability/dump1090.git and use it in the adsb compose example 10 months ago
  sungo 06f028a789 a place for compose files and my adsb compose file 10 months ago
  sungo d99e6fd244 UI from mictronics/dump1090 in an nginx container for use in my dump1090 rig 10 months ago
  sungo 851627ac2e airplanejs 11 months ago
  sungo f12bb0c8ef dump1090 11 months ago
  sungo c908f86288 wego 1 year ago
  sungo ede348e7b1 bunyan and nginx 1 year ago
  sungo bd8da1c435 init 1 year ago