Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sungo b0bbe27ed3 Merge pull request #12 from joyent/perigrin/316-delete-relay 1 month ago
  Chris Prather ae15e65e9e add a `relay [id] delete` 2 months ago
  Chris Prather 1e6c1b4a39 Merge pull request #11 from joyent/sungo/rack-assignments 1 month ago
  sungo 4b9007eeeb update gopkg for new release of sling 1 month ago
  sungo fe85841c97 "kosh rack :id assign" - import rack slot assignments from a json blob 1 month ago
  sungo 91b1fed868 Merge pull request #1 from joyent/sungo/docker 2 months ago
  sungo 473260a4c9 the bits to make docker testing and release process work, including a "version" command 2 months ago
  sungo 552348015b rack layouts 2 months ago
  sungo e993a584ca improvements to templating 2 months ago
  sungo 4340b22645 continue to flesh out devices 2 months ago
  sungo 3b578a75a5 validations 2 months ago
  sungo 5679a6efaf devices 2 months ago
  sungo 8c51d19cd3 relays 2 months ago
  sungo 337b04b6fb racks 4 months ago
  sungo ff9ffe4df4 rack roles 4 months ago
  sungo 0de0d069cc rooms 4 months ago
  sungo b3fecaf2fb datacenters 4 months ago
  sungo ab74f41175 users 4 months ago
  sungo 32c7455791 workspaces 5 months ago
  sungo 6193909b61 begin the begin again 5 months ago