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conch is a CLI for accessing the Conch API.


Documentation, including the build process, can be found here


Joyent Employees

The latest production release at is certified against the production instance.

The most recent release is not certified for production yet (thus the 'pre-release' tag) and probably works best against the staging instance. Grab it at

SSL Certs

Go makes a lot of assumptions about a user's runtime environment. One assumption is that a system holds SSL certs in a set of default directories which are hardcoded into the go runtime by platform. If the user's runtime differs from go's expectation, the user will receive a message like x509: failed to load system roots and no roots provided.

To set a custom location for SSL certs, one can specify SSL_CERT_DIR or SSL_CERT_FILE in the environment before running conch shell.

For instance: SSL_CERT_FILE=/opt/certs.pem conch login

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