Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sungo dc90fb9ee0 Merge pull request #315 from joyent/sungo/hardware-product-specification-fix 8 months ago
  sungo 25770e03ba when getting the specification for a hardware product, show it as a json string always isntead of the go structure 8 months ago
  sungo cf3ad32177 dont double encode hardware specifications that are already strings 8 months ago
  sungo c6e09b2078 improve spew output a bit 8 months ago
  sungo 57439afded Merge pull request #312 from joyent/sungo/forward-port-ghrelease-fix 9 months ago
  sungo 9ece264490 bin/conch| when looking at github releases, skip prereleases 9 months ago
  sungo c67d8b5e77 Merge pull request #307 from joyent/sungo/sigh-docker 10 months ago
  sungo a990788a84 in the release dockerfile, set HOME appropriately. Also dump out our id and environment for debug purposes 10 months ago
  sungo 5d8b70811d when building a release in docker, only call rmi if the release happened properly 10 months ago
  sungo d7ab2e4dfc Merge pull request #306 from joyent/sungo/version-bump 10 months ago
  sungo f28c33698c conch| bump minimum required API version to 2.30 10 months ago
  sungo c37d55f34d Merge pull request #305 from joyent/sungo/shall-we-play-a-game 10 months ago
  sungo da029d7d4e bin/conch| implement "rack :id assign" and "rack :id assignments", equiv to the workspace variants but without needing a workspace 10 months ago
  sungo 26cbf9aceb bin/conch| update workspace rack assignment for the new function name 10 months ago
  sungo 8831e07afa support workspace independent rack assignments. required changing the name of one workspace variant 10 months ago
  sungo 885f15755a conch| provide ability to send an http DELETE with a payload 10 months ago
  sungo c3d7dcbdac bin/conch| clone the "global datacenter" commands into the root 10 months ago
  sungo d2504f4fa1 bin/conch| move the "rack" and "racks" commands into their own files 10 months ago
  sungo 4af55dc452 in the conch lib, rename the Global bits since the API does not limit these to the old concept of "global" admin. 10 months ago
  sungo 4e301a9b8e add a makefile target to generate an html file representing test coverage. (yes, our current test coverage is awful) 10 months ago
  sungo f7ee084b77 Merge pull request #304 from joyent/sungo/deactivated-validations 10 months ago
  sungo ec273a137e bin/conch| when displaying lists of validations, sort them, hide deactivated validations by default, and allow the user to show deactivated validations if desired 10 months ago
  sungo 35f04ba997 conch| support Vlidation.Deactivated as well as sortable arrays of validations 10 months ago
  sungo f37a169515 Merge pull request #302 from joyent/sungo/codeowners 10 months ago
  sungo 64d488a52e set myself to global code owner. this is mostly to make sure that a reviewer is assigned to any PR that comes in from not-me 10 months ago
  sungo 3feb05ba84 Merge pull request #301 from joyent/sungo/validation-docs 10 months ago
  sungo 130f5d1fe0 import, with some editing, the validation docs that were previously in conch.git 10 months ago
  sungo b58773f5a8 Merge pull request #300 from joyent/sungo/phases 10 months ago
  sungo 0512f2e69d bin/conch| move the "rack" and "racks" command trees out of the "global" tree, and implement get/set phases. we can move the commands out of "global" because the endpoints check permissions and no longer require system admin 11 months ago
  sungo 36eb2458a8 bin/conch| in "workspace :id global rack :id get", show the phase of each occupant" 11 months ago