Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sungo 818fe60073 add license file 2 years ago
  sungo 24f68bcd93 move over to gitorious 10 years ago
  sungo 0560d3b54c switch to podpurler 10 years ago
  sungo 56dd24d6e3 stop forcing 5.10 since I am not using 10isms 10 years ago
  sungo 50f6fd557e point the bugtracker to github 11 years ago
  sungo 228ef15c8c document that possible empty string value of "tag" in dir_status 11 years ago
  sungo ea574affae pedantic whitespace modifications in the attribute declarations 11 years ago
  sungo 9dbae992b7 refuse to close the connection, in _close_connection, if "hold_connection_open" is set 11 years ago
  sungo 143e2d5dc1 store the socket in an internal attribute 11 years ago
  sungo 36f9cf2b24 extract core socket operations to internal methods. will be used again shortly in conjunction with "hold_connection_open" 11 years ago
  sungo e85368eb8c add more code folds 11 years ago
  sungo 6ca917c4d1 improve docs for file_status 11 years ago
  sungo 37eb639368 add dir_status which, predictably, provides status and tags of a directory 11 years ago
  sungo 94176dc7d6 document the return values from file_status 11 years ago
  sungo fcb5c97891 switch from PodPurler to PodWeaver. Add THANKS section to the main pod 11 years ago
  sungo dc1a2a4dbc single word responses are still key\tvalue. value simply doesnt exist. very silly. correct handling of single word responses 11 years ago
  sungo 0e0764b0aa I really must test code before committing it.... must be getting tired. This fixes a compile problem introduced by the previous commit 11 years ago
  sungo 280a5271ca I misunderstood how the "unwatched" keyword gets returned. This corrects that mistake. This also retires the "watched" value from the parse tree 11 years ago
  sungo 820e370a07 support the "options" response keyword 11 years ago
  sungo a6c58861e1 support the possiible unwatched response from the server 11 years ago
  sungo a6d5ee47c7 add in the little script I am using to throw commands against dropboxd 11 years ago
  sungo 4370836b22 add an attribute called "hold_connection_open" that will eventually allow users to define how they want the socket connection handled. righht now, it just looks pretty. 11 years ago
  sungo 664c43c908 fix stupid syntax bug 11 years ago
  sungo b372c3a180 extract socket interaction to a help sub 11 years ago
  sungo 1ac9042cae use MooseX::StrictConstructor 11 years ago
  sungo 24e5babd71 add the beginnings of file status support. this is so rough it hurts. 11 years ago
  sungo 6f9ef89d03 add author tests 11 years ago
  sungo eb1945eee4 add repository meta.yml resource 11 years ago
  sungo 84b9195c8a moosify this baby. add AutoVersion and PodPurler to the Dist::Zilla setup 11 years ago
  sungo bf448223e9 drop the use line for N::D::Command which I forgot earlier 11 years ago